Environment, Health, Safety & Security (EHS2) Roundtable

EHS2 is a forum of senior EHS leaders designed to address not just the “here and now”
but also the “tomorrow” of effective EHS leadership.

EHS2 was established in 2016 to better equip EHS leaders to not only share best practices and learn from one another, but to identify and prepare themselves for what is coming down the road in this ever more challenging regulatory environment. EHS leaders come together to address current and emerging legal, technical and operational risks and challenges they face across all regulated sectors and supply chains.

Why EHS2

The dramatic increase in regulations and the acceleration of public expectations involving environmental stewardship are challenging EHS leaders like never before. E&W Strategies surveyed EHS leaders from companies large and small to help identify key focus areas. The input from EHS professionals was vital in creating a forum where many of their unmet resource and networking needs could be met.

The core areas of focus for EHS2 include the following:

  • Establishing a forum where EHS leaders can candidly discuss and address (with each other and relevant outside experts) the links between current and future operational and enterprise risks, while developing better strategies for risk mitigation.
  • Providing resources to help prepare the EHS management community for “GRC 2.0” – the next generation of Governance, Risk, and Compliance; identifying the new challenges and opportunities EHS professionals will face and providing them with the tools to meet these demands.
  • Giving EHS management professionals a platform to learn from – and provide insights back to – key state and federal regulators and policymakers as well as experts in the areas of compliance, enforcement, and security that impact EHS leadership.
The EHS2 Concept at Work

EHS2 takes a holistic view of EHS performance as being foundational to overall corporate success and sustainability in companies both large and small.  Given that EHS compliance is the key component of a company’s social license to operate, the culture of a company can often make or break the success of its ability to effectively comply with federal and state laws.

EHS2 members meet three times a year (twice in Washington, D.C. and once at a member location) where leading experts speak and members share best practices and emerging insights from the EHS space.  EHS2 members also receive timely policy and enforcement updates from the E&W team to keep their respective organizations ahead of the compliance curve.

EHS2 membership is open to senior EHS professionals (non-legal and legal), including those from various supply chains. Annual membership dues are priced competitively to attract and retain smaller-to-mid size companies.