E&W Strategies

Earth & Water Strategies employs a wide range of strategic approaches to solve policy and operational challenges and identify new opportunities for our clients. Working with corporate, institutional, NGO and municipal clients, E&W Strategies focuses on several key areas.

  • Government Affairs and Public Policy – Our professionals work with executive and legislative branches, as well as state and municipal bodies, to shape policy and regulations and advocate on behalf of our clients’ interests.
  • Environment, Health and Safety Compliance - Our experts help clients evaluate, stress test, and custom develop pro-active compliance programs to consistently produce high level results and rapidly support clients’ responses to any government oversight or facility incident.
  • Environmental Markets and Asset Management - The concept of environmental asset optimization is new and evolving. Global markets for ecosystem services has surged in recent years with annual transactions valued between US$36-$42 billion. Value is being driven by a host of factors including market, regulatory, social impact, and technical considerations. Before considering the technical suitability of any asset, it is important to understand if there is a prospect of market value, which is typically determined by regulatory and financial drivers. Although environmental asset value is primarily driven by regulatory policy, there is an increasing level of voluntary corporate commitments that also may create opportunities for natural resource owners.
  • Internal Investigations - Investigators with deep public sector experience undertake a variety of investigations for our clients in response to government inquiries, internal disclosures, or external due diligence requests in order to best position a client with regulators while minimizing internal or third party risk.
  • Crisis Management – With years of involvement navigating major crises ranging from catastrophic operational events to congressional and media scrutiny, E&W is uniquely positioned to advise organizations on effectively preparing for crises, mitigating potential impacts, and directly responding on behalf of clients to such events when they arise.
  • Project Finance – Our water experts and infrastructure experts provide strategic, financing and development strategies to identify and implement the best options to meet our clients’ growth and business objectives - - be it a major capital project, or evaluating the risks and rewards of various sized project financing options.