National Drinking Water Advisory Committee makes recommendations to EPA on Revisions to Lead & Copper Rule

AWWA and Earth & Water quoted in BNA Bloomberg, Citing EPA Response in Flint Michigan
January 30, 2016
World Water Day March 22, 2016 Sparks a Run Up of Activity
February 2, 2016
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In light of the human health crisis in Flint Michigan, the NDWAC’s recommendations to EPA’s leadership on the lead and copper rule is none too timely. NDWAC – Recommendations to the Administrator Dec. 15, 2015.   As public health specialists have concluded, lead in any amount is harmful to humans.   There is no silver bullets that will ensure that another Flint does not happen again.  However, there are important steps that State and local officials can take, with EPA oversight, that will help, thereby ensuring greater confidence in our public water systems. In the case of Flint, simply ensuring that an effective corrosion control program was in place after the City switched water sources would have gone a long way toward avoiding this human tragedy.